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Tight Lines Fishing is a social fishing adventure which takes place on Facebook. Players compete amongst each other online to catch the biggest fish. But it doesn’t stop there, train your skill, customize your character and equip gear to catch better fish. On your journey you will be challenged by quests and your fishing journal will be filled with interesting facts about the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes. Collect fish and share fisherman’s stories with your friends. Explore the game world and become a fishing legend in the online fishing community.



14. October 2013
Terza Rassegna Contemporanea // Treviso

The last week my new works were presented in the Ca' dei Carraresi in Trevisos historical center. My whole work is based on the pixel in this exhibition. Even if this is not obvious on the first look. If I find some time I really would apreciate to explain this closer. Have fun browsing the picture galleries. I posted the artwork under "computer arts" and also added a chronological Order.
Looking forward to next exhibition in January.

04. JULY 2012

I just don´t know how to describe it but I painted since 2010 on a picture and I finished it today. But is something like this, a work you started two years ago, ever finished? Is it not already a part of you and your thoughts? Is it right to say that I painted this long on one picture which exists just on a computer and maybe never will get printed? Should a picture like this get printed? Or am I over thinking the situation? The fact is, and this is funny, I don´t care anymore. I started this picture once with the goal to describe the human psyche out of my view. Today and only today I think I described it quite well. I am sure tomorrow I think different. But that´s it. Thinking different is a big part of the human psyche.

There is a good song from Trent Reznor which describes my situation with this work very good. It says “ I wear this crown of shit on my liar´s chair. Full of broken thoughts I can not repair. Beneath the stains of time the feelings disappear. You are someone else, I am still right here. What have I become my sweetest friend. Everyone I know goes away, in the end. You could have it all, my empire of dirt. I will let you down, I will make you hurt. If I could start again, a million miles away I would keep myself. I would find a way.”

But that´s not possible, it happened. I will upload it some time. When I think it´s right. Stay tuned!

02. JULY 2012
ARTERIE TREVISO - edizione 2012

On 15th until 17th June I was live painting in the historical centre of Treviso. All this because of a contst called "ARTERIE TREVISO" The action was in front the of the old but very nice Cantinetta Vengazu just behind the piazza Signiori. I did a piece with red wine on paper and with this work I won the special prize of the jury. Here is the anouncement in italian:

VINO SU CARTA dell’artista Johannes Ohlenshlager con la seguente motivazione: per l’originalità della tecnica utilizzata, “vino su carta”, che valorizza ed omaggia un prodotto tipico del territorio trevigiano, innovando le possibilità artistiche offerte da materie che si trovano in natura. Suggestiva l’interpretazione del tema attraverso la raffigurazione simbolica di donne-medusa che esprimo il complesso rapporto tra natura (l’animale) e cultura (l’essere umano) e la spinta di forze opposte (la gravità tiene i corpi a terra e la leggerezza delle meduse le porta verso l’alto) che nel loro coesistere e contrastarsi creano la “vita nella città”.

You can also find the article on their website. "Gente di marca"
I posted the artwork under "traditional arts". There is also a new wrestling midget I finished for the exhibition. Cowboy Bradley my new favourite. A new one is in progress "Ivan the terrible"

02. MAI 2012

The first picture for the EPABOX Project is finished. Alessandro and I created some Artworks for the "Demel" Box which is still in progress and will be shown soon. You can find the picture under "Computer arts".

30. MARCH 2012

I just finished one of these pictures I started more than a year ago. Sometimes it is really useful to let an idea grow in the background of your head and in the right moment at right time it is just logical how the essence of this idea looks like. Here is the result. You can find it under "Computer arts".

20. MARCH 2012

The "EPABOX" is a cooperation between me and Alessandro Severin. "EPA" means stomach in Italian. Inside the EPABOX there is a USB-Key which contains a digital art piece of Alessandro. The idea behind it was to provide a suitable "frame" for a virtual piece of art. In this case it is the box, carefully crafted by myself. When we started this project we decided purposely not to show at all the included digital art, it should be its container to give a first impression and food for thoughts. The project as a whole with its different parts has one thing in common: it represents a momentum of our present society.

15. MARCH 2012

The loading problem is solved. Now everyone should be able to see my works. The link colour is also changed. Text errors are also gone. I just publihed under "Contact" all my different Social Network accounts. If you are interested just connect me on any platform. Next thing will be Shop, Press and the Documentations. This is a big point because I document everything and to sort out and handle all this content takes a lot of time. Have fun with the website!

14. MARCH 2012

As far, as it was possible, my new website is now online. There are still some horrible text errors inside and I am looking forward to change this mistakes. Please notice that my site does not support Internet Explorer 6. And there is still a loading issue, so if your images are not loading just reclick the link you just clicked.

ARTERIE TRADITIONAL ARTS some new pictures are online
traditional HARDGOODS The first EPABOX is here!
Glossyprint laminated on Alu, Size: 275 x 150 cm This commissional work was made for a big austrian constructian company.
Logodesigns for a bikecompany.
In coorporation with David Bruckner is was consulted to colour the movie.

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